Temenos 42:2

Temenos 42:2

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Temenos 42:2. Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion. Chief Editor Veikko Anttonen
Finnish Society for the Study of Religion
Raisio s.a., 150 pp.


Articles: iBenson Saler Charles A. Ziegler/i, Atheism and the Apotheosis of Agency; iSiv Ellen Kraft/i, Place Making, Mega Events and Ritual Effervescence. A Case Study of the Nelson Mandela Concert in Tromsø, 11th June 2005; iEila Helander/i, Women Teaching Women. The Impact of Gender and Religion on Training Teachers in Colonial Africa; iYasumasa Sekine/i, Sacralization of the Urban Footpath, with Special Reference to Pavement Shrines in Chennai City, South India. Review. iRosalind I. J. Hackett/i, A New Axial Moment for the Study of Religion?


ISBN 978-952-99730-1-9
ISSN 0497-1817