Temenos 41:2

Temenos 41:2

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Temenos 41:2. Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion. Chief Editors Veikko Anttonen Nils G. Holm
Finnish Society for the Study of Religion
Raisio 2005, 298 pp.


Articles: Kim Knott, Spatial Theory and Method for the Study of Religion; Veikko Anttonen, Space, Body, and the Notion of Boundary. A Category-Theoretical Approach to Religion; Seth D. Kunin, Neo-Structuralism and the Contestation of Sacred Place in Biblical Israel; Lily Kong, Religious Processions. Urban Politics and Poetics; Andreas Häger, Visual Representations of Christianity in Christian Music Videos.\n


ISBN 951-95235-9-6
ISSN 0497-1817