Temenos 41:1

Temenos 41:1

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Temenos 41:1. Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion. Editors-in-Chief Veikko Anttonen Nils G. Holm
Finnish Society for the Study of Religion
Raisio 2005, 146 pp.


Articles: iDonald Wiebe/i, The Politics of Wishful Thinking? Disentangling the Role of the Scholar-Scientists from that of the Public Intellectual in the Modern Academic Study of Religion; iRussell T. McCutcheon/i, The Domestication of Dissent: Pundits´ Contributions to the War on Terrorism; iKristin Kuutma/i, Vernacular Religions and the Invention of Identities Behind the Finno-Ugric Wall; iIlkka Pyysiäinen/i, God: A Brief History with a Cognitive Explanation of the Concept.


ISBN 951-95235-8-8
ISSN 0497-1817