Temenos 39–40 / 2003–2004

Temenos 39–40 / 2003–2004

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Temenos 39–40 / 2003–2004. Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion. Editor Tore Ahlbäck
Finnish Society for the Study of Religion
Temenos 39-40
Turku 2004, 288 pp.


Including articles: iHeikki Räisänen/i, Last Thinks First. Eschatology as the first chapter in an overall account of early Christian ideas; iMikael Aktor/i, Upanisadic Anthropologies. Models of the body-cosmos interaction in the early Upanisads; iVeikko Anttonen/i, Theory and Method in the Study of Folk Religion; iLuther H. Martin/i, History, Cognitive Science, and the Problematic Study of Folk Religions: The Case of the Eleusinian Mysteries of Demeter; iStewart Elliott Guthrie/i, Folk Religion in a Rural Japanese Hamlet: A Fieldwork Perspective; iMarion Bowman/i, Taking Stories Seriously: Vernacular Religion, Contemporary Spirituality and the Myth of Jesus in Glastonbury; iIlkka Pyysiäinen/i, Folk religion and theological correctness; iKimmo Ketola/i, Religion and Social Cohesion Revisited: Collectivism and Individualism in Popular Religiosity; iTom Sjöblom/i, Wordpower. Narratives, Tradition and Religion; iRisto Pulkkinen al./i, What was the Finnish iHiisi/i? Applying Computational Methods to the Study of Folk Religion; iArt Leete/i, Folk Religion and Identity: A Study of Ethnic Conflicts in Siberia.


ISBN 952-12-1440-6
ISSN 0497-1817