Study of Eastern Moroccan Fairy Tales

Study of Eastern Moroccan Fairy Tales

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Kossmann, Maarten
A Study of Eastern Moroccan Fairy Tales
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
FF Communications 274
Vammala 2000, 156 pp.


This book studies the structure and style of orally transmitted fairy tales from Eastern Morocco in Berber and dialectal Arabic. Drawing on materials collected in his own fieldwork and other sources, the author pays special attention to the aesthetics of the fairy tale as understood by Max Lüthi and to the analysis of tale-specific formulae. Two hitherto unpublished Figuig Berber fairy tales are appended, as is a comparison of two versions of an Eastern Riffian story which, though collected independently at an interval of 60 years, show remarkable similarities.


ISBN 951-41-0881-7
ISSN 0014-5815