Studia Orientalia 95

Studia Orientalia 95

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Studia Orientalia 95. Editorial Board Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila al.
Finnish Oriental Society
Vammala 2003, 516 pp.


Including articles: iHolger Weiss/i, Migrations during times of drought and famine in early colonial northern Nigeria; iMohamed Meouak/i, Propagande politique et discours idéologique des Umayyades dal-Andalus: réflexions théoriques et données textuelles; iTapani Harviainen/i, The epigraph of the Derbent Torah and the Madjalis scroll discovered by Abraham Firkovich in 1840; iMikhail Kizilov/i, The Crimean Caraites in the portrayal of the 19th century Polish travellers; iHenryk Jankowski/i, On the language varieties of Karaims in the Crimea; iPhilip E. Miller/i, The Crimean Caraites and the Crimean war; iKeijo Hopeavuori/i, Karaim periodicals in the Karaim language; iAngel Sáenz-Badillos/i, Menahem and Dunaš in search of the foundations of Hebrew language; iKsenia B. Kepping/i, The black-headed and the red-faced in Tangut indigenous texts; iHelena Hallenberg/i, The Tangping washing can: a symbol of purity and ethnicity for the Hui Muslims in China; iKeith R. S. Dede/i, The Chinese language in Qinghai; iVesa-Jussi Vuori/i, On the influence of Chinese prestige languages on Chinese dialects; iAnu Niemi/i, The making of Zen personage: Hanshan and how it is read; iTaru Salmenkari/i, Three voices of patriotism: reporting the bombardment of the Belgrade Embassy in the Chinese media.


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