Studia Orientalia 85

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Studia Orientalia 85
Finnish Oriental Society
Vammala 1999, 468 pp.


Including articles: P. Aalto, The Finnish minulla on, Latin habeo, German ich habe; H. Shehadeh, The Samaritan Arabic liturgy; Ari Kerkkänen, The transition from Yugoslav to post-Yogoslav Jewry; Anna Verschik, On the lexicon of Estonian Yiddish; Hannu Juusola, Who wrote the Syriac incantation bowls? Egdunas Racius, Islamic exegesis on the jinn. Their origin, kinds and substance and their relation to other beings; Irmeli Perho, The Arabian Nights as a source for daily life in the Mamluk period; Holger Weiss, The 1889–90 famine and the Mahdiyya in the Sudan. An attempt to implement the principles of an Islamic economy; Gerhard Doerfer, Beiträge zur altaistischen Lückenforschung; Ksenia B. Kepping, The etymology of Chinggis Khan's name in Tangut; A. Tsendina, Godan Khan in Mongolian and Tibetan historical works; P. Koskikallio, Baka Dalbhya: A complex character in Vedic ritual texts, Epics and Puranas; W.L. Smith, The Jaiminibharata and its eastern vernacular versions; P. Nikkilä, A comparison of Cantonese low and middle level tones with Mandarin Chinese tones.


ISBN 951-9380-39-6
ISSN 0039-3282