Studia Orientalia 64

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Studia Orientalia 64
Finnish Oriental Society
1988, 415 pp.


Articles: E. Grothe-Paulin, Der ägyptische Sarg in Helsinki; T. Harviainen, Why were the sailors not afraid of the LORD before verse Jonah 1,10? M.G. Cox, Augustine, Jerome, Tyconius and the Lingua Punica; K. Rätsep, The Apostle Thomas in Christian tradition; I. Perho, The use of the Koran and the Sunna in the medicine of the Prophet; K. Yrttiaho, Texts from Arabia Petraea in the dialect of the semi-nomadic an-N'ēmāt tribe of the Shara Mountains (Jordan); J. Hämeen-Anttila, Sa'dī – a misogynist? K. Karttunen, Expedition to the End of the World. An ethnographic tópos in Herodotus; P. Aalto, On the development of Indian religions as reflected by non-religious literature; A. Parpola, The coming of the Aryans to Iran and India and the cultural and ethnic identity of the Dāsas; B. Tikkanen, On Burushaski and other ancient substrata in northwestern South Asia; H. Halén, Addenda to the Handbook of Oriental Collections in Finland: Turcica, Arabica, Persica and Caucasica; J. Janhunen, Preliminary notes on the phonology of Modern Bargut; B. Lerbæk Pedersen, Qing Dynasty statues of the Three Gods of Happiness.


ISBN 951-9380-09-4
ISSN 0039-3282