Studia Orientalia 101

Studia Orientalia 101

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Studia Orientalia 101. Editorial Board Lotta Aunio al.
Finnish Oriental Society
Vammala 2007, 595 pp.


Including articles: iRaisa Asikainen Minna Saarnivaara/i, Legitimation of political violence: the cases of Hamas and the Khmer Rouge; iHarry Halén/i, Statistics of Kazak and Kalmyk cattle owners in the Ili district and the Tekes valley; iTapani Harviainen/i, Marriage contracts and items of dowry among the Karaims in eastern Europe; iJuha Janhunen/i, Typological interaction in the Qinghai linguistic complex; iFrancisco Moscoso/i, Cuentos en dialecto árabe urbano de Rabat; iAnu Niemi/i, How foolish! The essentials of true speech; iHeikki Palva/i, An Egyptian Arabic iZajal/i from the fourteenth (?) century: iMia Rikala/i, Once more with the feeling: Seth the divine trickster; iTaru Salmenkari/i, To refute or to develope human rights? The discussion in the official Chinese press in 1979-80; iSerafim Seppälä/i, The idea of knowledge in East Syrian mysticism; iMoshe Sharon/i, The decisive battles in the Arab conquest of Syria; iSaana Teppo/i, Agency and the Neo-Assyrian women in the palace; iHannu Töyrylä/i, The concept of time in iMegillat ha-megalleh/i.


ISBN 978-951-9380-65-0
ISSN 0039-3282