Studia Celtica Fennica XVI

Studia Celtica Fennica XVI

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Studia Celtica Fennica XVI. Ed. Silva Nurmio, Sarah Waidler & Erkki Kulovesi
Suomen Keltologinen Seura - Finlands Keltologiska Sällskap (SFKS)
Studia Celtica Fennica XVI
Vantaa 2020, 138 pp.


Studia Celtica Fennica XVI includes among others articles: George Broderick, Manx Traditional Songs, Rhymes and Chants in the Repertoire of the Last Native Manx Speakers; Erich Poppe, Beyond ‘Word-for-Word’: Gruffudd Bola and Robert Gwyn on Translating into Welsh; Ariana Malthaner, The Intersection of Liture and Law: The Saga of Fergus mac Léti; Siarl Ferdinand, The Promotion of Cornish in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly: Attitudes towards the Language and Recommendations for Policy.


ISSN 1795-097X