Studia Celtica Fennica X

Studia Celtica Fennica X

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Studia Celtica Fennica X. Yearbook of the Finnish Society for Celtic Studies. Editors in chief Riitta Latvio Katja Ritari
Finnish Society for Celtic Studies
Vantaa 2013, 120 pp.


Articles: iGeorge Broderick/i, Neologisms in Revived Manx Gaelic; iOrit Eshel Malachy McKenna/i, A Functional Analysis of Copular Clauses in the Spoken Irish of Co. Donegal; iKicki Ingridsdotter/i, Motivation for Incest. Clothru and the Battle of iDruim Criaich/i; iEsther Le Mair/i, Why a Single Burst or Multiple Scatterings Can Make All the Difference. The Patterns Underlying the Formation of Al and All Verbs; iPamela ONeill/i, Control of the Means of Production in Early Irish Law; iFangzhe Qiu/i, Wandering Cows and Obscure Words. A Rimeless Poem from Legal Manuscripts and Beyond.


ISSN 1795-097X