SKY Journal of Linguistics 26

SKY Journal of Linguistics 26

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SKY Journal of Linguistics 26. Ed. Pauli Brattico al.
Linguistic Association of Finland
Turku 2013, 183 pp.


Articles: iAli Akbar Ansarin Mohammad Reza Banan Khojasteh/i, Retention in Meaning-Based Vocabulary Instruction; iDiana Forker/i, Microtypology and the Tsezic Languages: A Case Study of Syntactic Properties of Converbal Clauses; iMartin Haspelmath/i, On the Cross-Linguistic Distribution of Same-Subject and Different-Subject ‘Want’ Complements: Economic vs. Iconic Motivation; iMikko Heikkilä/i, From Surging Waves to the Spirit of Waves – On the Germanic and Sami Origin of the Proper Names iAhti/i and iVellamo/i in Finnic Mythology; iMaija Hirvonen/i, Sampling Similarity in Image and Language – Figure and Ground in the Analysis of Filmic Audio Description; iAndrea Pešková/i, Experimenting with iPro-drop/i in Spanish; iPiia Taremaa/i, Fictive and Actual Motion in Estonian: Encoding Space.


ISSN 1456-8438