SKY Journal of Linguistics 25

SKY Journal of Linguistics 25

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SKY Journal of Linguistics 25. Eds. Pauli Brattico al.
Linguistic Association of Finland
Turku 2012, 297 pp.


Articles: iGabriela Alboiu Virginia Hill/i, Early Modern Romanian and Wackernagel’s Law; iPauli Brattico/i, Structural Case Assignment and Phi-Agreement in Finnish; iBrian Fell/i, Applicatives and Incorporation in Ubykh; iMikko Heikkilä/i, iKaleva/i and his Sons from iKalanti/i – On the Etymology of Certain Names in Finnic Mythology; iNivedita Kumari S. Devaki Reddy/i, (In)directness of Requesting in Hindi; iHelena Metslang/i, On the Case-Marking of Existential Subjects in Estonian; iJohanna Viimaranta/i, Analogy or Conceptual Metaphor? Coming Concretely and Abstractly Close in Uses of the Russian Prefix ipod-/i; iInka Wissner/i, Les grands corpus du français moderne: des outils pour étudier le lexique diatopiquement marqué? iKalyanamalini Sahoo/i, Telicity vs. Perfectivity: A Case Study of Odia Complex Predicates.


ISSN 1456-8438