SKY Journal of Linguistics 22

SKY Journal of Linguistics 22

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SKY Journal of Linguistics 22. Editors Mari Lehtinen, Jukka Mäkisalo, Rea Peltola al.
Linguistic Association of Finland
Tampere 2009, 332 pp.


Articles: iPius W. Akumbu/i, Tone on Njyem Nouns: A Register Tier Theory Perspective; iThomas Groß Timothy Osborne/i, Toward a Practical Dependency Grammar Theory of Discontinuities; iÁngel Jiménez Fernández/i, On the Composite Nature of Subject Islands: A Phase-Based Approach; iLeelo Keevallik/i, The grammar-interaction Interface of Negative Questions in Estonian; iNiina Kunnas/i, Ethnic Loyalty as an Explanatory Factor behind Individual Differences in Variation; iHelge Lødrup/i, External and Internal Possessors with Body Part Nouns: The Case of Norwegian; iSorabud Rungrojsuwan/i, The Non-Arbitrary Aspect of Language: The Iconicity of Onomatopoeic Words in Thai; iWinfred Mkochi/i, Bimoraic Word Minimality Condition in Chitonga: OT Analysis.


ISSN 1456-8438