SKY Journal of Linguistics 21

SKY Journal of Linguistics 21

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SKY Journal of Linguistics 21. Editors Pentti Haddington al.
Linguistic Association of Finland
Tampere 2008, 366 pp.


Articles: iKhaled H. Abu-Abbas/i, Introducing weight-sensitive EDGEMOST; iMahmoud A. Al-Khatib Enaq H. Sabbah/i, Language Choice in Mobile Text Messages among Jordanian University Students; iFusheini Hudu/i, The Low Vowel and Retraction in Státimcets: An Ultrasound Investigation; iTommi Jantunen/i, Fixed and Free: The order of the Verbal Predicate and Its Core Arguments in Declarative Transitive Clauses of Finnish Sign Language; iNoriko Matsumoto/i, Bridges between Cognitive Linguistics and Second Language Pedagogy: The Case of Corpora and Their Potential; iThomas Pilz, Wolfram Luther Ulrich Ammon/i, Retrieval of Spelling Variants in Nonstandard Texts - Automated Support and Visualization; iMichaela Pörn/i, Psychophysical and Physical Causative Emotion Verbs in Finnish: The Temporal Structure of Causative Emotion Verb + Infinitive 1 - Constructions within Conceptual Semantics; iPertti A. Väyrynen, Kai H. Noponen Tapio K. Seppänen/i, Multi-word Prediction for Legal English Context: A Study of Abbreviated Codes for Legal English Text Production; iGlòria Vázquez Ana Fernández Montraveta/i, Annotation de corpus: Sur la délimitation des arguments et des adjoints; iTuija Virtanen/i, Adverbials of Manner and Manner Plus in Written English: Why Initial Placement? iNiina Ning Zhang/i, Repetitive and Correlative Coordinators as Focus Particles Parasitic on Coordinators.


ISSN 1456-8438