SKY Journal of Linguistics 20

SKY Journal of Linguistics 20

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SKY Journal of Linguistics 20. Editors Pentti Haddington al.
Linguistic Association of Finland
Tampere 2007, 493 pp.


Articles: iGuy Achard-Bayle/i, De lextra- à lintraprédicatif: polyvalence de Si? iSosei Aniya/i, Integrated Ambiguity Analysis Model: Detection, Representation and Optimal Meaning Selection; iDavid Boromisza-Habashi/i, Voice and Moral Accountability: Burlesque Narratives in Televised Hungarian Political Discourse; iPauli Brattico, Alina Leinonen Christina M. Krause/i, On the Limits of Productive Word Formation: Experimental Data from Finnish; iSamir Diouny/i, Tense/agreement in Moroccan Arabic: The Tree-Pruning Hypothesis; iVolker Gast/i, From Phylogenetic Diversity to Structural Homogeneity: On Right-branching Constituent Order in Mesoamerica; iElizabeth Hogbin Jae Jung Song/i, The Accessibility Hierarchy in Relativisation: The Case of Eighteenth- and Twentieth-Century Written English Narrative; iVesa Jarva Samu Kytölä/i, The Finnish Colorative Construction and Expressivity; iTimo Lauttamus, John Nerbonne Wybo Wiersma/i, Detecting Syntactic Contamination in Emigrants: The English of Finnish Australians; iMarja Nenonen/i, Prototypical Idioms: Evidence from Finnish; iMarc Picard/i, On Teaching the Pronunciation of Subphonemic Segments in English; iMichaela Pörn/i, Causative Spatial Expressions in Finnish and Swedish; iMari Uusküla/i, The Basic Colour Terms of Finnish; iRelja Vulanovic/i, On Measuring Language Complexity as Relative to the Conveyed Linguistic Information.


ISSN 1456-8438