SKY Journal of Linguistics 19

SKY Journal of Linguistics 19

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SKY Journal of Linguistics 19. Editors Pentti Haddington al.
Linguistic Association of Finland
Tampere 2006, 278 pp.


Articles: iJosep Alba-Salas/i, Subject Control into Nominals in Romance; iVilma Bijeikienè Andrius Utka/i, Gender-specific Features in Lithuanian Parliamentary Discourse. An Interdisciplinary Sociolinguistic and Corpus-based Study; iEliecer Crespo Fernández/i, The Language of Death. Euphemism and Conceptual Metaphorization in Victorian Obituaries; iAnna Fenyvesi Gyula Zsigri/i, The Role of Perception in Loanword Adaptation. The Fate of Initial Unstressed Syllables in American Finnish and American Hungarian; iYoussef A. Haddad/i, Dialect and Standard in Second Language Phonology. The Case of Arabic; iRigina Turunen/i, Complex Morphosyntactic Features of Nominal Predicates in Erzya; iDiana Yankova/i, Semantic Relations in Statutory Texts. A Study of English and Bulgarian


ISSN 1456-8438