SKY Journal of Linguistics 17

SKY Journal of Linguistics 17

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SKY Journal of Linguistics 17. Eds. Pentti Haddington, Jouni Rostila Ulla Tuomarla
Linguistic Association of Finland
SKY Journal of Linguistics 17
Tampere 2004, 299 pp.


Articles: iMichaël Abecassis/i, Schwa-deletion in the Dialogues of 1930s French Films; iJosep Alba-Salas/i, Lexically Selected Expletives: Evidence from Basque and Romance; iPentti Haddington/i, Stance Taking in News Interviews; iMartin Howard/i, Sociolinguistic Variation and Second Language Acquisition: A Preliminary Study of Advanced Learners of French; iAlvin Leong Ping/i, Delimiting the Theme of the English Clause - An Interference-boundary Account; iEdoardo Lompardi Vallauri/i, Grammaticalization of Syntactic Incompleteness: Free Conditionals in Italian and Other Languages; iJurate Ruzaite/i, Academic Precision Reconsidered: A Corpus-based Account; iStefan Tröster-Mutz/i, Die Realisierung von Vokallängen: erlaubt ist, was Sp[a(:)]ss macht? iPawel Rutkowski Hanna Maliszewska/i, The Syntactic Structure of the Construction: NUMERAL out of NUMERAL in Polish.


ISSN 1456-8438