SKY Journal of Linguistics 16

SKY Journal of Linguistics 16

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SKY Journal of Linguistics 16. Eds. Pentti Haddington, Seppo Kittilä, Jouni Rostila Ulla Tuomarla
Linguistic Association of Finland
Åbo 2003, 271 pp.


Contents: iAgurtzane Elordui/i, Variation in the Grammar of Endangered Languages. The Case of Two Basque Dialects; iRemus Gergel/i, Modal Syntax. Detecting its Parameters with VP-Ellipsis; iTapio Hokkanen/i, Interruption and Timing in Self-initiated Repairs; iRichard Ingham/i, The Changing Status of Middle English iOV/i Order. Evidence from Two Genres; iLeonid Kulikov/i, The Labile Syntactic Type in a Diachronic Perspective. The Case of Vedic; iPirita Pyykkönen, Jussi Niemi Juhani Järvikivi/i, Sentence Structure, Temporal Order and Linearity. Slow Emergence of Adult-like Syntactic Performance in Finnish; iJae Jung Song/i, Resumptive Genitive Pronouns in Korean Relative Clauses. Distribution and Explanation; iSøren Wichmann/i, The Grammaticalization and Reanalysis of a Paradigm of Auxiliaries in Texistepec Popoluca. A Case Study in Diachronic Adaptation; iJussi Ylikoski/i, Defining Non-finites. Action Nominals, Converbs and Infinitives; iPawel Adrjan Javier Muñoz-Basols/i, The Sound of Humor. Linguistic and Semantic Constraints in the Translation of Phonological Jokes; iOlga Panic/i, Brand Names. A Linguistic Phenomenon.


ISSN 1456-8438