Rhetorics of Nordic Democracy

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Rhetorics of Nordic Democracy. Edited by Jussi Kurunmäki Johan Strang
Finnish Literature Society
Studia Fennica. Historica 17
Vantaa 2010, 297 pp.


This book discusses a series of efforts to rhetorically produce a particular Nordic version of democracy. It shows that the rhetorical figure ‘Nordic democracy’ was a product of the age of totalitarianism and the Cold War. It explores the ways in which ‘Nordic democracy’ was used, mainly by the social democrats, to provide the welfare politics with cultural and historical legitimacy and foundations. Thus, it also acknowledges the ideological and geopolitical context in which the ‘Nordic welfare state’ was conceptualised and canonised.


ISBN 978-952-222-228-2
ISSN 1458-526X