Reclaiming the City

Reclaiming the City

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Reclaiming the City. Innovation, Culture, Experience. Ed. Marjaana Niemi & Ville Vuolanto
Finnish Literature Society
Studia Fennica. Historica 6
Tampere 2003, 240 pp.


Reclaiming the City examines in particular the impact of global and local forces on urban development in the long term, the cities' capacity to rise to the challenge and their continuous need to both enhance and contain diversity. These themes are developed by exploring different aspects of urban development such as counter-urbanisation, cultural innovations, changes in spatial form, migration and identity formation. The questions are explored in diverse urban settings, ranging from ancient Rome to the present-day metropolis, from manufacturing centres to national capitals and from noble World Heritage cities to disreputable sailortowns.


ISBN 951-746-526-2
ISSN 1458-526X