Prehistoric Hunters of Northernmost Lapland

Prehistoric Hunters of Northernmost Lapland

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Halinen, Petri
Prehistoric Hunters of Northernmost Lapland. Settlement patterns and subsistence strategies
Finnish Antiquarian Society
Iskos 14
Vammala 2005, 222 pp.


The essential questions in this study are the following: How did the settlement pattern change during prehistory? How did people change their subsistence strategies in the course of time? Did the cultural development in two areas of northern Lapland, Enontekiö and Inari, follow the same direction or take different directions? The hunter or hunter-fisher societies have changed their subsistence strategies when needed and modified them to adapt to the changed environmental conditions. Because the vegetation and climate have changed quite a lot during the last millennia, human activities have to adapt to the changing environment.


ISBN 951-9057-60-9
ISSN 0355-3108