Pilgrimage of life

Pilgrimage of life

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Pilgrimage of life. Studies in honour of professor René Gothóni. Editors Riku Hämäläinen, Heikki Pesonen, Mari Rahkala Tuula Sakaranaho
Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters, Study of Religions, University of Helsinki, Maahenki
Helsinki 2010, 402 pp.


This book is dedicated, on his sixtieth birthday, to Professor René Gothóni, whose main scholarly interests have focused on pilgrimage and monasticism, both within Buddhism (Sri Lanka) and Orthodox Christianity (Mount Athos; Greece). Living in the field and meeting people of different religions and cultures have led him to question and theorize the limits and ways of understanding the thoughts and experiences of others. This collection of articles falls into three parts, namely Understanding, Ethnography, and Pilgrimage and Monasticism.


ISBN 978-952-5870-12-1