Philosophies of Performance

Philosophies of Performance

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Philosophies of Performance. Edited by Dario Martinelli, Eero Tarasti, Juha Torvinen
Suomen Semiotiikan Seura
Acta Semiotica Fennica XLIII
Helsinki 2014, 234 pp.


In the years 2008-2009 The Finnish Academy of Sciences funded a research project entitled PHILOSOPHIES OF PERFORMANCE - Finnish rnusic, art, and avant-garde. The project focused on temporal, i.e. performing arts, their background philosophies and signifying processes. The empirical material was mostly about Finnish art. Yet, the idea was to develop also "universal" theoretical models relevant for other traditions and fields. Music served as the core phenomenon but it was also scrutinized in its intertextual connections. This anthology offers some results, but also contributions from other scholars whom the project stimulated. The authors are Aurea Dominguez, Joan Grimalt, Sergio Lanza, Otto Lehto, Grisell Macdonel, Dario Martinelli, Bogumila Mika, Lina Navickaitè-Martinelli, Pärttyli Rinne, Filip Sikorski, Eero Târasti, Juha Torvinen, Alessia R. Vitale and Nayden Yotof.


ISBN 952-5431-37-1
ISSN 1235-497X