Peasants, Pilgrims, and Sacred Promises

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Stark, Laura
Peasants, Pilgrims, and Sacred Promises. Ritual and the Supernatural in Orthodox Karelian Folk Religion
Finnish Literature Society
Studia Fennica, Folkloristica 11
Tampere 2002, 229 pp.


This book undertakes a fascinating exploration into many aspects of Orthodox Karelian ritual life: beliefs in supernatural forces, folk models of illness, body concepts, divination, holy icons, the role of the ritual specialist and healer, the divide between nature and culture, images of the forest, the cult of the dead, and the popular image of monasteries and holy hermits. It will appeal to anyone interested in popular religion, the cognitive study of religion, ritual studies, medical anthropology, and the folk traditions and symbolism of the Balto-Finnic peoples.


ISBN 951-746-366-9
ISSN 1235-1946