On the Way to Whiteness

On the Way to Whiteness

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Miettinen, Kari
On the Way to Whiteness. Christianization, Conflict and Change in Colonial Ovamboland, 1910–1965
Finnish Literature Society
Bibliotheca Historica 92
Tampere 2005, 370 pp.


The spread of the Christian faith is often said to have marked the greatest change in twentieth-century Africa. This dissertation analyses the processes of this change in Ovamboland of Northern Namibia, where it was initiated and guided by the Finnish missionaries. By using socio-historical approach this research presents an interesting analysis, which suggests that conversion to Christianity was often a multi-causal chain of events where the primary motives of the converts often were quite practical. The study brings out new information concerning the relationship between the Ovambo and the Finnish missionaries, and by so doing also particularizes or corrects of the earlier views on the social and cultural effects of Ovambo christianization.


ISBN 951-746-694-3
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