On Foreign Ground

On Foreign Ground

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On Foreign Ground. Moving between Countries and Categories. Edited by Minna Ruckenstein Marie-Louise Karttunen
Finnish Literature Society
Studia Fennica. Anthropologica 1
Helsinki 2007, 209 pp.


The essays in this collection explore classical anthropological questions in modern sites, from Ghana to Karelia, from India to Italy, from Kuala Lumpur to St. Petersburg. They examine change and continuity through the lens of memory and sense of place, religious practice, migration and diaspora, social and politico-economic structures. Together these themes illustrate the resilience of culture in creating meaningful orders in peoples lives and underline the importance of analysis of cultural difference in todays world. Scholarly approaches that are foundational to anthropological knowledge are here applied to the exploration of the


ISBN 978-951-746-914-2
ISSN 1796-8208