Nodes of Contemporary Finnish Literature

Nodes of Contemporary Finnish Literature

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Nodes of Contemporary Finnish Literature. Edited by Leena Kirstinä
Finnish Literature Society
Studia Fennica. Litteraria 6
Vantaa 2012, 199 pp.


This book examines phenomena from Finnish and Finnish-Swedish literature written in the years between the 1980s and the first decade of the new millennium. Its objective is to study this interesting era of literary history in Finland and to sketch some possible directions for future development by identifying literary turning points which have already occurred. The analysis begins in 1958, when literature in Finland was transformed by a mimetic crisis which problematized the codes, roles, and functions of the author, narrator and reader. Another major turning point can be identified in 1998, when a fundamental change occurred in the writing of women and in the way social, national and international issues were presented in Finland's literature.


ISBN 978-952-222-359-3
ISSN 1458-5278