NGP Yearbook 2001

NGP Yearbook 2001

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NGP Yearbook 2001. Editor Satu Räsänen
Geographical Society of Northern Finland Department of Geography, University of Oulu
Nordia Geographical Publications 30:4
Oulu 2001, 41 pp.


Contents: iAnne Hynönen Anja Tuohino/i, Ecotourism – imagery and reality. Reflections on concepts and practises in Finnish rural tourism; iJarkko Saarinen/i, The regional economics of tourism: a case study of the economic impacts of tourism in Salla, Eastern Lapland; iTopi-Antti Äikäs/i, Broken letters, broken concepts; iPauli Tapani Karjalainen/i, A walk with V. S. Naipaul: framing the vision; iDespina Sfakiotaki/i, Time-structured experience of space in the Japanese garden: the case of the lower garden of the sub-temple Taizô-in.


ISBN 951-42-6607-2
ISSN 1238-2086