Music, Morals, and the Body

Music, Morals, and the Body

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Sarjala, Jukka
Music, Morals, and the Body. An Academic Issue in Turku, 1653–1808
Finnish Literature Society
Studia Historica 65
Hämeenlinna 2001, 264 pp.


In this monograph Jukka Sarjala explores a long neglected issue in music historiography, the history of passions and emotions. The study concentrates on the philosophy of music in early modern Turku, a Protestant town in the Baltic Sea region. The author suggests that the doctrine of affects, the basic discourse on music of the period, did not constitute itself as an isolated aesthetic system, nor as the hidden wisdom of professional musicians. Rather, it formed part of political theory and moral philosophy.


ISBN 951-746-264-6
ISSN 0081-6493