Movement and Poetic Rhythm

Movement and Poetic Rhythm

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Hocevar, Drina
Movement and Poetic Rhythm. Uncovering the Musical Signification of Poetic Discourse via the Temporal Dimension of the Sign
Semiotic Society of Finland International Semiotics Institute at Imatra Department of Musicology, University of Helsinki
Acta Semiotica Fennica XVII. Approaches to Musical Semiotics 5. Studia Musicologica Universitatis Helsingiensis X
Helsinki 2003, x + 283 pp.


The musical sense in both poetry and music is fundamentally temporal. The question is not whether music is a language or whether language is music, but rather how the musicality of language signifies. The musical sense of poetry is not only heard but it is also felt. In order to deal with these problems the author, Drina Hocevar, from Venezuela, has elaborated a highly original model. She tries to understand the temporal movement as a generative process, deeply rooted in the ontology of our being.


ISBN 952-5431-06-3
ISSN 1235-497X (ASF), ISSN 1458-4921 (AMS), ISSN 0787-4294 (SMUH)