Moral Realism

Moral Realism

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Moral Realism. Edited by Jussi Kotkavirta Michael Quante
Philosophical Society of Finland
Acta Philosophica Fennica 76
Helsinki 2004, 233 pp.


There are various notions of moral realism and antirealism involved in the actual debates. In the contributions collected into this volume a great variety of moral realism are discussed and assessed. The contributions address the main advantages as well as the problems of moral realism, and the longstanding history of moral realism in philosophy from Greek till now. In most contributions some sort of moral realism is defended. They present and take sides in an ongoing debate, not a final solution, definitely. Taken together the contributions show what the strengths and weaknesses of various forms of moral realism are.


ISBN 951-9264-53-1
ISSN 0355-1792