Mansi Mythology

Mansi Mythology

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Gemuev, I. M. & al.
Mansi Mythology. Editors-in-Chief Anna-Leena Siikala, Vladimir Napolskikh & Mihály Hoppál
Akadémiai Kiadó. Finnish Literature Society
SKS erillisjulkaisuja. Encyclopaedia of Uralic Mythologies
s.l. s.a., 199 pp.


This book introduces the readers to the mythological traditions of the Mansi (Voguls) and aims to give an idea of their world-view created over the course of centuries. The rich culture of the Mansi provides valuable materials for the research on language and mythology. The first part of the publication is devoted to a summary of Mansi history in the second millennium AD, to the description of the main traditional ways of life of the Mansi, and to the problem of the adaptation of the people to the circumstances of socio-economic change at the end of the twentieth century. The second part describes the essential points of the Mansi world-view and reveals the main principles of the construction of a mythological system.


ISBN 978-963-05-8556-9
ISSN 1588-5216