Looking at Other Cultures

Looking at Other Cultures

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Looking at Other Cultures. Works of Art as Icons of Memory. Edited by Anja Kervanto Nevanlinna
Society for Art History in Finland
Taidehistoriallisia tutkimuksia 22
Vaasa 1999, 186 pp.


PART I. LOOKING. iLeila Koivunen/i, The Wealth of the Dark Continent. Representations of African objects in the illustrations of European travel literature; iBerit Nordman/i, Decorated Bodies as icons of Tradition and Primitivism. Papua New Guinea Highlands adornment and its representations; iSalla Kokkonen/i, From Ritual to Performance Art. South Indian powder painting ritual and performance art as performances; iHenri Schildt/i, Space as Microcosm. Four traditional Brahmin houses in North-Malabar, South India; iElina Sorainen/i, Thousands of Years of Memory in a Clay Pot. A ceramics village in Sistän-Baluchistan, Iran; iVirpi Huhtala/i, The Representation of Dionysos in Egyptian Textiles since Late Antiquity; PART II. REMEMBERING. iMinna Törmä/i, Looking at Chinese Landscape Painting. Traditions of spatial presentation; iAnna Kortelainen/i, Japan and Eros – Axel Gallens Icons of Youth; iHarri Kalha/i, Skin-Deep Beauties: Race, Gender and Aesthetics; iAnne Aurasmaa/i, What to Remember, or Not to Remember. Of scientific exhibitions and other cultural displays.


ISBN 951-97900-4-7
ISSN 0355-1938