Livonian prosody

Livonian prosody

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Lehiste, Ilse Teras, Pire Ernštreits, Valts al.
Livonian prosody
Finno-Ugrian Society
Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Toimituksia 255
Vammala 2008, 165 pp.


Livonian is a Finnic language spoken nowadays by a small number of people in coastal villages of Courland in Western Latvia and in Latvian major towns. This book presents new acoustic data and a phonetically based phonological analysis of this highly endangered language. Because nowadays all Livonians are Latvian-Livonian bilinguals, the study contains also a comparative analysis of the Latvian pronunciation of some Livonian speakers.


ISBN 978-952-5667-01-1
ISSN 0355-0230