Limits to Traffic Volume Growth

Limits to Traffic Volume Growth

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Tapio, Petri
The Limits to Traffic Volume Growth. The Content and Procedure of Administrative Futures Studies on Finnish Transport CO2 Policy
Finnish Society for Future Studies
Acta Futura Fennica 8
Turku 2002, 234 pp.


This book reports an evaluation on the development of actual applications of futures studies in Finnish transport administration. In the late 1990s, Finnish transport administration moved beyond the expert based what-if studies to use interest group participation in forming future scenarios. But this is not the end of the story according the author. He develops a novel application of the Delphi method, the Disaggregative Policy Delphi to use interest group data more systematically in forming scenarios of the future. The new approach addresses the variety of different views, tying up the lessons learnt in technology foresight, participatory planning and visionary furures studies.


ISBN 952-91-4322-2
ISSN 0788-365X