Lectura super Sententias

Lectura super Sententias

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Roseth, Roger
Lectura super Sententias. Quaestiones 3, 4 5. Edited by Olli Hallamaa
Luther-Agricola Society
Reports from the Department of Systematic Theology University of Helsinki 18
Saarijärvi 2005, 309 pp.


Roger Roseth is one of those medieval scholars of whom only a few crumbs of information have survived for posteriority. We know him through marginal references in the manuscripts, which contain his only work identified so far, the lectures based on Peter Lombards iSentences/i. As the name of Roseths work iLectura super Sententias/i, indicates, the work originates in the practice of academic teaching. Since the lectures were often published afterwards, commentaries based on textbooks become a significant genre in medieval academic literature.


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