Law, the Covenant and God´s Plan. 2

Law, the Covenant and God´s Plan. 2

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Kuula, Kari
The Law, the Covenant and God´s Plan. 2. Paul´s Treatment of the Law and Israel in Romans
Finnish Exegetical Society, Vandenhoeck Ruprecht
Publications of the Finnish Execetical Society 85
Vammala 2003, 390 pp.


This book defends the thesis that the starting point for Pauls view of the law and the covenant is participatory soteriology, which can be called the center of his soteriology. Since Jews and Gentiles will be saved by participation in Christ and the Spirit, the law and the covenant are no longer spheres of salvation. In order to argue for his christocentric soteriology in Romans Paul stated several arguments against the law which are difficult to harmonize with each other. The most problematic aspect of his theology is the role of Israel in Gods plan of salvation. In the final chapter of this book a synthesis of Pauls theology of the law is given.


ISBN 951-9217-40-1
ISSN 0356-2786