Kinneret Regional Project

Kinneret Regional Project

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Pakkala, Juha Münger, Stefan Zangenberg, Jürgen
Kinneret Regional Project. Tel Kinrot Excavations
Foundation of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East
Proceedings of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East 2004:2
Vantaa 2004, 32 pp.


Tel Kinrot is located at the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee in Northern Israel. The site boasts remains from the Chalcolithic to the Ottoman period. Due to its extensive and often very well preserved remains from the Iron Age I period, Tel Kinrot is one of the key sites for this hotly debated era in the history of ancient Palestine. The Kinneret Regional Project aims to contribute to the current debate by exploring the culture and history of Tel Kinrot and its surrounding region.


ISBN 952-5393-06-2