Intolerant Monolatry in the Deuteronomistic History

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Pakkala, Juha
Intolerant Monolatry in the Deuteronomistic History
Finnish Exegetical Society / Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
Publications of the Finnish Exegetical Society 76
S.l. 1999, 264 pp.


The origin of intolerance of other gods and the demand to worship Yahwe exclusively has aroused wide discussion in recent research. This investigation approaches the problem from the perspective of the Deuteronomistic History (DH), the main source of Israel's pre-exilic history. The investigation attempts to show that the explicit demand to abandon other gods derives from the later redactional layers of the DH. There is a notable shift in attitude towards the other gods inside the DH. This investigation also sketches the historical background and reasons of the attack on the other gods.


ISBN 951-9217-31-2
ISSN 0356-2786