Intellectual Effort and Linguistic Work

Intellectual Effort and Linguistic Work

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Bankov, Kristian
Intellectual Effort and Linguistic Work. Semiotic and Hermeneutic Aspects of the Philosophy of Bergson
International Semiotics Institute
Acta Semiotica Fennica IX
Helsinki 2000, 152 pp.


Bergson discusses the question of philosophic truth in a way that allows an interpretation in terms of contemporary semiotics and hermeneutics. In his famous essay Philosophical Intuition he defines this kind of truth as something simple, infinitely simple, so extraordinary simple that the philosopher has never succeeded in saying it. This dialect between intuition and its saying is examined as the hermeneutics of understanding and interpretation. At the same time, this study attempts to open new insihgts in Bergsons philosophy, and especially in his notion of intellectual Effort.


ISBN 951-98654-0-3
ISSN 1235-497X