Illuminating the Goal

Illuminating the Goal

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Butters, Albion M.
Illuminating the Goal. rDzogs chen and Doxography in 14th-century Tibet
Suomen Itämainen Seura - Finska Orientsällskapet
Studia Orientalia 119
Tampere 2018, 230 pp.


This study focuses on one of luminaries, Klong chen rab ‘byams pa (1308–1363), and his own unique contributions. The aim of this study is threefold: to provide Klong chen pa’s perspective on a number of especially sensitive Buddhist points, to illuminate how his doxography fills certain lacunae in the current domain of rNying ma scholarship, and to provide a pithy treatment of how both of these contributions relate to the larger context of Buddhism’s evolution in Tibet.


ISBN 978-951-9380-93-3
ISSN 0039-3282