Ibrahim al-Dasuqi (1255–1296)

Ibrahim al-Dasuqi (1255–1296)

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Hallenberg, Helena
Ibrahim al-Dasuqi (1255–1296). A Saint Invented
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Humaniora 333
Saarijärvi 2005, 293 pp.


This book describes the biography of Ibrahim al-Dasuqi , the formation of the cult and the various motives related to the religious, economic and social history of Egypt that have contributed to his fame. We can witness the process of how Ibrahim al-Dasuqi became a saint during seven centuries of saint-making and how he is described in various roles depending on the time and writing: as a pious Sufi and a learned scholar, as one of the cosmic poles supporting the universe and surpassing the other saints, or a national hero fighting against foreign intruders, infidels and unjust tyrants.


ISBN 951-41-0948-1
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