Human Rights and Institutional Politics

Human Rights and Institutional Politics

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Gayim, Eyassu & Leino, Päivi & Lempinen, Miko
Human Rights and Institutional Politics. The EU, UN and Other International Institutions
Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights
Erik Castrén Institute Research Reports 16
Helsinki 2005, 73 pp.


Th aim of the project 'Human Rights and Cultural Diversity: A Study on the Politics of Human Rights in International Institutions' was to study the question of cultural diversity and the politics of human rights from a distinctly institutional angle. The aim was to elucidate, from different points of view, the process whereby apparently universal and uncontroversial rights become 'politiced' as they enter international institutions and are invoked for the defence or criticism of particular policies.


ISBN 952-10-2805-X
ISSN 1457-5965