Houses Full of All Good Things

Houses Full of All Good Things

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Houses Full of All Good Things. Essays in Memory of Timo Veijola. Edited by Juha Pakkala Martti Nissinen
Finnish Exegetical Society. Vandenhoeck Ruprecht
Publications of the Finnish Exegetical Society 95
Vammala 2008, 752 pp.


Timo Veijola was a productive scholar, who was particularly devoted to the Deuteronomy, Deuteronomism, and scribalism. In appreciation of Timo Veijolas scholarship, his friends, colleagues, and students wish to honor his memory with articles dealing with themes close to his heart, such as Deuteronomy, Deuteronomistic History, Deuteronomism, scribalism, wisdom literature, Judaism, and Biblical Theology.


ISBN 978-951-9217-50-5
ISSN 0356-2786