Himalayan Nature

Himalayan Nature

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Himalayan Nature. Representations and Reality. Edited by Erika Sandman Riika J. Virtanen
Finnish Oriental Society
Studia Orientalia 109
Jyväskylä 2011, ix + 242 pp.


Articles: iRuth Gamble/i, “Looking over at the Mountains”: Sense of place in the Third Karmapa’s “Songs of Experience”; iTiina Hyytiäinen/i, Repkong Tantric Practitioners and Their Environment: Observing the vow of not taking life; iKlaus Karttunen/i, Toes and Heels Tormented by Hardened Snow; iPekka Lehtisalo/i, Holy Grounds: Landscapes in Tibetan thangka paintings; iNakza Drolma (Zhuoma)/i, Pilgrimage to Brag dkar sprel rdzong: Presentation and translation of a pilgrimage guide; iJuha-Pekka Reilin/i, The Main Factors of Biodiversity Changes in East Tibet; iThupten K. Rikey/i, The Nature-Deities of Tibet: A discussion on the tale “The Subduing and Putting under Oath of Tibet’s Malignant ilha ‘dre”/i in iPadma bka’ thang/i; iReena Amatya Shrestha, Xiang Huang Mika Sillanpää/i, Effects of Urbanization on Water Quality of the Bagmati River in Katmandu Valley, Nepal; iJaakko Takkinen/i, Medicine in India and Tibet – Reflections on Buddhism and nature; iPilvi Vainonen/i, Making Museum Collections: Missionary Hilja Heiskanen’s Himalayan artefacts; iRiika J. Virtanen/i, Dhondup Gyal and Nature: Interpreting poetic images of wind and cloud in two Tibetan works; iJuha Janhunen/i, Correctness and Controversies in Asian Historiography.


ISBN 978-951-9380-75-9
ISSN 0039-3282