Gynostemia Orchidalium I

Gynostemia Orchidalium I

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Szlachetko, Dariusz L. & Rutkowski, Piotr
Gynostemia Orchidalium I. Apostasiaceae, Cypripediaceae, Orchidaceae (Thelymitroideae, Orchidoideae, Tropidioideae, Spiranthoideae, Neottioideae, Vanilloideae)
Finnish Zoological and Botanical Publishing Board
Acta Botanica Fennica 169
Vammala 2000, 380 pp.


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Orchids are a large, unusual and unique plant group. They fascinate professionals and amateurs, in nature and in greenhouses. This is the first of a planned four volumes, entirely devoted to gynostemial morphology and, to a lesser extent, anatomy of Orchidales. The first volume covers the pleonandrous families Apostasiaceae and Cypripediaceae, and most primitive Orchidaceae.


ISBN 951-9469-63-X
ISSN 0001-5369