Golden Moments

Golden Moments

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Immonen, Visa
Golden Moments. Artefacts of Precious Metals as Products of Luxury Consumption in Finland c. 1200–1600. I–II
Society for Medieval Archaeology in Finland
Archaeologia Medii Aevi Finlandiae XVI:I-II
s.l. 2009, 331 + 205 pp.


Golden moments is a study of the consumption of gold and silver artefacts in Finland during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period. It presents the corpus of surviving artefacts and discusses their techniques of production, appearance, and survival. Above all, the study approaches gold and silver artefacts as a window on the consumption of luxuries, and places the objects in their contexts of use, discard and cultural significance. The present work offers a synthesis of existing museum collections and recent archaeological material with the aid of documentary research methods and the theoretical insights of material culture studies.


ISBN 978-951-96801-8-7
ISSN 1236-5882