Geographies in Writing

Geographies in Writing

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Kymäläinen, Päivi
Geographies in Writing. Re-imagining Place
Geographical Society of Northern Finland Department of Geography, University of Oulu
Nordia Geographical Publications 34:3
Oulu 2005, viii + 218 pp.


This research approaches place as a discursive question, and explores the poststructuralist and postmodern ideas of place in relation to other conceptions. The research questions are the following: What kinds of frames for writing place have there been; how can place be thought of as becoming, process or event; what kinds of textual strategies are used while writing places, and what do these tell about politics in writing? The material consists of geographical and philosophical texts, through which the limits of writing place have been explored. This research gives conceptual and methodological tools for thinking place. These can be applied particularly in the fields of cultural geography, urban studies and cultural studies.


ISBN 951-42-7853-4
ISSN 1238-2086