Genius Logistics

Genius Logistics

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Litzen, Aulikki
Genius Logistics. Occupational geographical mobility of Nobel Prize winners in science 1860–2005
Finnish Society of Science and Letters
Commentationes Scientiarum Socialium 71
Vammala 2008, 157 pp.


Aulikki Litzen investigates the careers of one of the most highly skilled groups it is possible to find: the Nobel Prize winners in science. She compares these from a global point of view and over a long period. Litzen shows how their career mobility has been slowing since before the First World War and accords rankings to the localities of laureates graduation studies, their research and employment and charts the movement of this top scientific labour force, and, with it, of the leadership of science, from Europe to the United States.


ISBN 978-951-653-362-2
ISSN 0355-256X